And Then I Kissed Her

Авторы: Ellie Greenwich / Jeff Barry / Phillip Spector (cover)
Вокал: Dave Gahan

Это кавер-версия песни The Beach Boys «Then I Kissed Her», которая, в свою очередь, является кавер-версией песни The Crystals «Then He Kissed Me».

Многослойность кавера объясняется тем, что изначально песня исполнялась от лица девушки, что было бы странно в случае The Beach Boys и Depeche Mode (…then he kissed me…).

На самом деле доподлинно не известно, использовали Depeche Mode готовый вариант от The Beach Boys или адаптировали песню для себя самостоятельно — в настоящий момент не циркулирует ни одной записи концертов Depeche Mode, где они исполняли эту песню.

Well I walked up to her and I asked her if she wanted to dance
She looked awful nice and so I hoped she might take a chance

When we danced I held her tight
Then I walked her home that night
And all the stars were shining bright
And then I kissed her

Each time I saw her I couldn’t wait to see her again
I wanted to let her know that I was more than a friend

I didn’t know just what to do
And so I whispered I love you
And she said that she loved me too
And then I kissed her

I kissed her in a way that I’d never kissed a girl before
I kissed her in a way that I hope she liked for evermore

I knew that she was mine so I gave her all the love that I had
Then one day she’ll take me home to meet her mom and her dad

Then I asked her to be my bride
And always be right by my side
I felt so happy that I almost cried
And then I kissed her

And then I kissed her
And then I kissed her

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