Автор: Martin L. Gore
Вокал: Dave Gahan

The cleanest I’ve been
An end to the tears
And the in-between years
And the troubles I’ve seen

Now that I’m clean
You know what I mean
I’ve broken my fall
Put an end to it all
I’ve changed my routine
Now I’m clean

I don’t understand
What destiny’s planned
I’m starting to grasp
What is in my own hands
I don’t claim to know
Where my holiness goes
I just know that I like
What is starting to show


As years go by
All the feelings inside
Twist and they turn
As they ride with the tide
I don’t advise
And I don’t criticise
I just know what I like
With my own eyes



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Вышла на сингле Enjoy The Silence · 04.

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