Dressed In Black

Автор: Martin L. Gore
Вокал: Dave Gahan

She’s dressed in black again
And I’m falling down again
Down to the floor again
I’m begging for more again
But oh what can you do
When she’s dressed in black

My mind wanders endlessly
On paths where she’s leading me
With games that she likes to play
And words that she doesn’t say
Not when whe’re alone
And she’s dressed in black

As a picture of herself
She’s a picture of the world
A reflection of you
A reflection of me
And it’s all there to see
If you only give in
To the fire within

Dressed in black again

Shadows fall onto me
As she stands there over me
And waits to encompass me
I lay here helplessly
But oh what can you do
When she’s dressed in black

Dressed in black again

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