Автор: Martin L. Gore
Вокал: Dave Gahan

Sometimes I slide away silently
I slowly lose myself over and over
Take comfort in my skin endlessly
Surrender to my will forever and ever

I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I’m in heaven

I stand in golden rays radiantly
I burn a fire of love over and over
Reflecting endless light relentlessly
I have embraced the flame forever and ever

I will scream the word
Jump into the void
I will guide the herd
Up to Heaven

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Имеет 11 ремиксов, версий или редакций.

  • blawan dub
  • blawan remix
  • freemasons club mix
  • freemasons dub
  • freemasons radio version
  • instrumental
  • matthew dear vs audion instrumental mix
  • matthew dear vs audion vocal mix
  • owlle remix
  • steps to heaven rmx
  • steps to heaven voxdub

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