So Cruel

Авторы: Paul David Hewson / David Howell Evans / Laurence Joseph Mullen Jr / Adam Charles Clayton (cover)
Вокал: Dave Gahan

Depeche Mode исполнили песню So Cruel специально для трибьютного альбома «(Ahk-toong Bay-bi) Covered», записанного 12-ю разными артистами и посвящённого 20-ти летию выхода альбома U2 «Achtung Baby».

Альбом «(Ahk-toong Bay-bi) Covered» вышел на компакт-диске вместе выпуском журнала «Q» за декабрь 2011-го года. Так же песню So Cruel с этого альбома можно купить в iTunes.

Больше эта песня в исполнении Depeche Mode нигде не издавалась.

We crossed the line, who pushed who over?
It doesn’t matter to you, it matters to me
We’re cut adrift, but still floating
I’m only hanging on to watch you go down, my love

I disappeared in you
You disappeared from me
I gave you everything you ever wanted
It wasn’t what you wanted
The men who love you, you hate the most
They pass right through you like a ghost
They look for you, but your spirit is in the air
Baby, you’re nowhere

Oh, love, you say in love there are no rules
Oh, love, sweet-heart, you’re so cruel

Desperation is a tender trap
It gets you every time
You put your lips to her lips
To stop the lie
Her skin is pale like God’s only dove
Screams like an angel for your love
Then she makes you watch her from above
And you need her like a drug

Oh, love, you say in love there are no rules
Oh, love, sweet-heart, you’re so cruel

She wears my love like a see-through dress
Her lips say one thing, her movements something else
Oh, love, like a screaming flower
Love dying every hour
Ah, you don’t know if it’s fear or desire,
Danger the drug that takes you higher?
Head of heaven, fingers in the mire
Her heart is racing you can’t keep up
The night is bleeding like a cut
Between the horses of love and lust we are trampled underfoot

Oh, love, to stay with you I’d be a fool
Oh, sweetheart, you’re so cruel

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