Something To Do

Автор: Martin L. Gore
Вокал: Dave Gahan

My little girl
Won’t you come with me
Come with me
Tell me

Is there something to do

I’m going crazy with boredom
Come with me
Tell me

Grey sky over a black town
I can feel depression
All around
You’ve got your leather boots on

I can’t stand another drink
It’s surprising this town
Doesn’t sink
You’ve got your leather boots on

Your pretty dress is oil stained
From working too hard
For too little
You’ve got your leather boots on

You’re feeling the boredom too
I’d gladly go with you
I’d put your leather boots on
I’d put your pretty dress on

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Имеет 3 ремикса, версии или редакции.

  • black strobe alternative mix
  • black strobe remix
  • metal mix

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