Автор: Martin L. Gore
Вокал: Dave Gahan

I was born with the wrong sign
In the wrong house
With the wrong ascendancy
I took the wrong road
That led to
The wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place
At the wrong time
For the wrong reason
And the wrong rhyme
On the wrong day
Of the wrong week
Used the wrong method
With the wrong technique

There’s something wrong with me chemically
Something wrong with me inherently
The wrong mix
In the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends
By the wrong means
It was the wrong plan
In the wrong hands
The wrong theory
For the wrong man
The wrong eyes
On the wrong prize
The wrong questions
With the wrong replies

I was marching to the wrong drum
With the wrong scum
Pissing out the wrong energy
Using all the wrong lines
And the wrong signs
With the wrong intensity
I was on the wrong page
Of the wrong book
With the wrong rendition
Of the wrong look
With the wrong moon
Every wrong night
With the wrong tune playing
Till it sounded right, yeah



Too long

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  • edit
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  • frankie's bromantic radio mix
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  • peter rauhofer "ramped" remix part 2
  • peter rauhofer "wrong done right" remix
  • peter rauhofer dub
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  • peter rauhofer vocal mix
  • radio version
  • reprise
  • thin white duke dub
  • thin white duke remix
  • trentemøller club remix dub
  • trentemøller club remix
  • trentemøller remix edit
  • u.s. edit

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