Премьера: 22 апреля 1991


22 апреля 1991

Uno: the twelve inches

  1. Master And Servant (black and blue mix)
  2. Strangelove (pain mix)
  3. Behind The Wheel (shep pettibone remix)
  4. Route 66 (beatmasters)
  5. Everything Counts (bomb the bass)
  6. Personal Jesus (pump mix)
  7. Dangerous (hazchemix)
  8. Enjoy The Silence (bass line mix)


22 апреля 1991

Zwei: the twelve inches

  1. Master And Servant (slavery whip mix)
  2. Shake The Disease (edit the shake)
  3. Black Celebration (black tulip mix)
  4. A Question Of Time (new town mix)
  5. Strangelove (bomb the bass)
  6. Behind The Wheel (beatmasters)
  7. Everything Counts (absolut mix)
  8. Personal Jesus (telephone stomp mix)
  9. Enjoy The Silence (ricki tik tik)


22 апреля 1991

Trois: the twelve inches

  1. Leave In Silence (longer)
  2. Get The Balance Right! (combination mix)
  3. Everything Counts (in larger amounts)
  4. Stripped (highland mix)
  5. Fly On The Windscreen (extended)
  6. Never Let Me Down Again (split mix)
  7. Strangelove (blind mix)
  8. Personal Jesus (holier than thou approach)
  9. Enjoy The Silence (hands and feet mix)


22 апреля 1991

Four: strange mixes

  1. Something To Do (metalmix)
  2. Are People People?
  3. Breathing In Fumes
  4. Fly On The Windscreen (death mix)
  5. Black Day
  6. A Question Of Lust (minimal)
  7. Never Let Me Down Again (aggro mix)
Master And Servant (u.s. black and blue version) Route 66 (beatmasters mix) Everything Counts (tim simenon / mark saunders remix) Enjoy The Silence (bass line) A Question Of Time (new town mix / live remix) Strangelove (tim simenon / mark saunders remix) Behind The Wheel (beatmasters mix) Enjoy The Silence (ricki tik tik mix) Something To Do (metal mix)


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